Harold Lee (haroldlee) wrote,
Harold Lee

OOC - Where are we? What the hell is going on?

[[Many threads went down with the Sulu journal. Sorry.]]

As a compositor in the Good Omens universe once wrote, Buggre Alle This For a Larke.

Harold is Harold, taken from six years after the films, with a great deal of backstory between then and when he was thrust into the Star Trek XI universe by his mun, and he's lived quite a bit since then, too. If he wants to talk about his life, he shall, so I'll go ahead and remove this timeline :)

Harold Lee, Mark II

Yes, there are two versions of Harold Lee, split off from the same one. Both of them make use of this journal.

The easiest explanation is that he was played in a fantasy AU, as the same man, though the original retained no memory of what he did while he was there. Eventually, they became two separate men, with no memory of what the other was currently doing.

This second Harold developed very differently, even personality-wise, and fell for his Scotty much earlier. They were married March 9, 2010. (Wedding: 1, 2, 3.) They currently reside in Rhy'Din.

The Rhy'din pair did meet the originals, though the originals retain no memory of the incident.
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